Tuesday, 12 April 2011


This is fraud multiplied by five

E 109 Crystal Plaza New link Road Andheri is a magic room

It houses not one or two but FIVE public LISTED companies and one private company

the companies are

Rockon Fintech
52 Weeks H/L 34.25 / 12.05

Banas Finance
52 Weeks H/L 44.80 / 9.37

Tilak finance
52 Weeks H/L 177.70 / 22.05

Axon Infotech and
52 Weeks H/L 25.25 / 10.10

Shree nath commercial and finance
52 Weeks H/L 41.80 / 9.90

The private company is

Kayaguru Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

All are in one way or the other associated with a chartered accountant called Giriraj Kishore Aggarwal

All the publicly listed companies are getting into "power projects"

all have very low networth and very high market caps

all have shot up


abhishek said...

Nice article

rk said...


just hope too many ppl are sucked in into the 5 companies

abhishek said...

how you discovered that all these companies have same address,after reading ur article i checked these 5 companies on moneycontrol and all have same reg address of crystal plaza.

rk said...

hi abhishek
i was looking up info on g k agarwal and the companies he was associated with and whist looking i noticed the amazing fact that five companies had the same room or flat as their registered office

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